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The Office of Councilor Charisse Abalos together with the DTI help families welcome the new school year through access to affordable and lowest-priced school supplies and commodities

The Office of Councilor Charisse Abalos together with the DTI help families welcome the new school year through access to affordable and lowest-priced school supplies and commodities


More than 40 exhibitors came together at the Mandaluyong City Hall Grounds for a two-day event organized by the Councilor Charisse Abalos in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) dubbed “Balik Eskwela Diskwento.” The exhibitors joined in the activity aimed at reducing prices of school supplies and providing parents, families and students access to these as well as other goods.

School year 2015-2016 is scheduled to start on Monday, June 1, 2015 in public schools all over the country. 16 elementary schools and 5 secondary schools accommodate the student population in Mandaluyong City that number well over 40,000. As they begin another school year the challenges that contribute to their performance and attendance also start, the primary problem being the financial capability to cover transport expenses and the cost of school supplies as well as other requirements. This was identified as the main reason for increased dropouts in past years.

Through the two-day Balik Eskwela Diskwento event, Councilor Charisse Abalos has greatly helped to enable families to cope with the challenges dealing with buying much-needed school supplies. Participating in school is crucial to conducive and proper learning and education and this begins with being equipped the much-needed school supplies used every day.

Diskwento Caravan

Diskwento Caravan is one of the banner programs of the DTI that aims to help consumers stretch their budget through price discounts offered by participating manufacturers.

The DTI’s Diskwento Caravan started in 2008 and was envisioned to be a non-wage benefit for minimum wage earners and employees at the start of classes. Over the years it has become a venue for both suppliers and families to come together before the start of classes to provide and afford school supplies, respectively. All participants have found great benefits and advantages in such caravans that have taken place all over the country.

Balik-Eskwela Diskwento comes to Mandaluyong City

The two-day caravan offered as much as 50-percent discount on school supplies and items such as bags, uniforms and shoes as well as on prime commodities like bread, sardines, cooking oils, processed meat, and even detergent bars.

A good student is not only prepared to attend school by being equipped, but is also supported in their performance through food and nutrition which provides the energy they need to do well and learn much in school. The products and commodities available at the event provided an opportunity for families to prepare as best they could in all aspects of their children’s needs as students.

The city encouraged parents and students to avail of the discounted prices of products, particularly school supplies. This would ensure a good start for students and their families for the coming school year. Being scheduled on a salary week increased the capacity of parents to take advantage of the priceless opportunity, as they need every discount possible to stretch their limited resources and better allocate this towards the basic and more important needs of the family.

The Balik Eskwela Diskwento event was generously attended and very much appreciated by all who were involved, participated and went home happy and satisfied at their great finds. As the school gates open on June 1, 2015, more children will excitedly troop to their classrooms eager and ready to start another school year.



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