Welcome to the offical website of Councilor Charisse Abalos.  Charice picture   Buong galak ko po kayong tinatangap sa aking official website. Maaasahan po ninyo ang tapat at maunlad na serbisyo.


Welcome to the offical website of Councilor Charisse Abalos.
Charice picture 

Buong galak ko po kayong tinatangap sa aking offical website. Maaasahan po ninyo ang tapat at maunlad na serbisyo.

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Charisse Abalos Protects Children’s Right through Code of Parental Responsibility

In an effort to address the increasing rate of juvenile delinquents and alarming rate of child abuse in Mandaluyong, Councilor Charisse Marie Abalos with the support of the entire City Government of Mandaluyong, headed by Mayor Benhur Abalos, enforced an ordinance that gives special protection to children from all forms of abuse, cruelty, exploitation, neglect and other conditions that would deter their development.

Ordinance 528, Series of 2014 or more commonly known as the “Code of Parental Responsibility”

was put in place primarily to teach and help parents not only in becoming responsible guardians to their kids, but most of all, in raising their kids as conscientious citizens of the country. The rationale behind the ordinance is that the first people who should be taking care of minors and rearing them towards goodness so they can become law-abiding citizens are the parents. Councilor Abalos, the author of the Code of Parental Responsibility believes that by educating the parents of their duties and responsibilities, the city prevents its children from abuse and neglect.

CPR, passed by the City Council on February 7, covers the parents of minors apprehended for possession of deadly weapons, smoking and alcohol consumption, use of illegal drugs, gambling and violation of the city’s 10 PM curfew. Parents can face up to 1 year of imprisonment or a fine of as high as P5,000 if they PERMIT, ALLOW OR CAUSE their child to commit criminal acts. They can also be put in prison or fined for not sending their kids to school. As 28% of the city’s population is marginalized, a no-contest provision was also made available for parents, wherein they can pay a fine or render community service for the first three times they violate the ordinance. For the first offense, there is a P1,000 fine or eight hours community service; second offense, P3,000 fine or 16 hours’ community service; and for the third offense, a P5,000 fine or 24 hours’ community service. After the 3rd offense, parents can no longer avail of the no contest provision.

Since its full implementation on March 2014, Mandaluyong’s juvenile delinquency case goes down to about 50%. Majority of the apprehended parents are of those kids who have violated the curfew ordinance of 10:00 PM. The ordinance has also been replicated in different cities and provinces across the country, which includes Marikina, Quezon City, Paete Laguna, Valenzuela and many others.

Councilor Abalos also visited different Barangays and run programs with the City Health Department, CSWD, General Parents-Teachers Association and Women Desk to further promote and educate the city constituents about the new law that she authored.

As Mandaluyong City pushes for zero case of child abuse and neglect, we encourage each and every Mandaleño to join Councilor Charisse in championing responsible parenting!


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